Gig Review: Cultdreams + Mouses and Girl From Winter Jargon @ Westgarth Social Club

Last night, I went to the Westgarth Social Club to catch Brighton duo Cultdreams along with local artists Mouses and Girl From Winter Jargon. For a Monday night, there was a massive turnout, and the room was packed from early in the evening, although it slowly got more and more crowded as the night went on.

Girl From Winter Jargon

The first artist of the night was Girl From Winter Jargon, a solo artist who played guitar and sang. This may sound pretty mundane, but her set was anything but. She used a pedal board to record and loop back various riffs, then layered them, so there was a collection of riffs playing over each other. After layering these riffs, she then sang with gorgeous, powerful vocals. It was all very impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Up next were Mouses, and they were absolutely crazy – as expected. They explained what each song was about before playing them, and each song had an important theme, from anxiety, to voting, to organised religion and how nothing should stop you from loving the people you love. All of this was paired with memorable tunes that had everyone joining in, and Nathan going absolutely off it on drums. The set ended with Ste doing his usual wandering through the crowd while everyone chanted along to the chorus of the final song. No matter how many times I see these guys, I always get the same buzz after watching them – they’re awesome!


The final band to play were Cultdreams, and within a few songs there was a mini moshpit going. They played songs with yet more important topics such as victim blaming, misogyny and mental health, put to lo-fi punk bangers, some of which were super fast, others were slower. Their singer Lucinda managed a few vey fast guitar changes between songs, and took the chance in the short break to chat to us before starting up again with yet another awesome song. To finish their set, Lucinda climbed on top of a seat near the stage, all while Conor was going absolutely insane on drums. It was a fantastic set, and everyone seemed to have fun, I definitely did!

The night as a whole was brilliant, it was very well organised, and everyone who played did an excellent job. Well done to Sad For Life for arranging possibly the best Monday night gig Middlesbrough’s ever seen!

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